It's not a faith in technology.
It's faith in people.

"Steve Jobs"

About Us

Who we are

We believe in co-creation between people in organizations, to discover new insights, which will lead to new strategies. business models, products and services. The Dutch Tech Group aims to create value for enterprise customers, government and solutions providers, by connecting people in an evolving Tech ecosystem.

We operate at the forefront of innovations leading to improve user experiences in both public and corporate digital markets. Start-ups, makerspaces, incubator environments, design labs form the heart of our activities.

Through our summits, our projects, our indepth industry knowledge, we work globally with a team dedicated to create succesfull journeys for our customers and partners with a focus on Blockchain, Data Science/AI, Enterprise Mobility and IoT.



Creating Unrivaled Global Events (Connect & Match)

Through our summits, we deliver singular events for our clients in the national and international Enterprise and Technology sectors. Our design focus is on relationship building. Whether it is a small round table event to a 3 day conference the same level of attention and commitment applies. All our events are designed to facilitate memorable face to face meetings, unlocking new vendor opportunities and expanding our clients’ partner and business connections. We are proud create value for the Dutch Tech brand for our country.

Guiding Enterprise Clients (Strategy & Design)

Our primary goal is to forge alliances in tech ecosystems and guiding enterprise clients in this ever evolving, challenging digital world. Our team and partners do this with a no-nonsense ‘let's get real or let's not play’ attitude. We can make a difference together if we can allow strategies, agenda’s to melt in one singular focus on delivering result. Because without result, we are just another group of unrelated advisors, we are much more than that.

Realisation (Development, Delivery & Operate)

We just do not do the regular stuff, such as concept analysis, wireframing, and more), we go a step further and by pre-selecting platforms which will allow rapid development during a POC or Minimal Viable Products. Why? no lengthy strategic sessions, it is an agile vain which runs to our development hearts. We adopt and apply any technology and realize things with impact.



  • Automotive (MaaS)
  • Fintech
  • Government, public services
  • Health
  • Humanity
  • Legal
  • Retail
  • Security, privacy
  • Software and platforms
  • Technology, media, (tele) communications
  • Travel
Emerging Technology
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud computing
  • Data Science/AI
  • Drones
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • IoT
  • Social Media
  • Events
  • Media
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Labs, makerspace, co-creation
  • Software development
  • Integrations
  • Sensors
  • Platforms
  • Questionaires, Benchmarks & Maturity models

Our Local presence

We have our base in the Netherlands. But we are not bound by regions, through our partners we are operating globally and have offices in Bangalore, Cologne, London, Los Angeles, Luxemburg, The Hague and more to come...




Operating companies

Investments & Joint Ventures

Co-creations Partnership

Media & Government Partnership